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A few weeks ago, I flew to Las Vegas, Nevada for the first time. I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into. My boyfriend encourage me that I should check out WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photography Conference & Expo) since I had a free ticket to go there. Ulysses is supportive in my photography and though he doesn’t do it himself, he finds ways for me to stay creative or at least get inspired. I’m very grateful to have people in my life who are there to push me when I’m down. So back to my trip, it was spontaneous and I flew there by myself. I didn’t know anyone but honestly I’ve never been afraid of that, or being alone. I usually tell myself that I will end up making a friend whether or not it’s from the plane ride to the hotel. 

Las Vegas weather is definitely opposite weather from New Jersey, from wearing a heavy winter coat to wearing shorts. Instead of dreading the cold, I was swimming in the hotel pool. It felt good to get away from every one. Another reason why I agreed on going on this trip was because I knew my mom was flying in later that week, so it wasn’t so bad.

During the WPPI event, I went to a bunch of lectures/classes, they were more focus on the business side of Photography. Comparing it Photo Plus Expo at the Javit Center in NYC, this was more wedding based. I have a foundation of working in wedding, but it never really intrigued me to do that type of work. While I was playing billards/pool at the lounge, I met a group of videographers who gave me a tour of the infamous Las Vegas Strip. It was pretty overwhelming, so many lights, people on the street, it’s like Time Square but 10x the concept.

I was happy I was able to get In-n-Out during my trip, haha. I take advantage of what we don’t have in the New Jersey/NYC and probably eat the same food 5 times during my trip.

My boyfriend got me a ticket to the Cirque Du Soleil: One show that’s inspired by Michael Jackson. It seems that while I was wondering on the strip, that a Las Vegas isn’t fulfilled unless you go to one of the shows. I highly recommend going if you’re planning a trip there, I cried man. If you love MJ’s songs, you’re going to definitely want to watch this.

I enjoyed just wandering the strip from 3 am til 7 am, I walked inside each hotel I came across til I reached the Welcome to Las Vegas sign that’s at the end of the strip. It felt so much exhilaration that night, probably because I was in another city that never sleeps.

I probably won’t come back here again unless there was some sort of occasion, but it’s another place marked off my travel destination list.


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  1. ulysses ulysses

    Glad that you had a good time with your mom and you two shared that opportunity and experience.

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