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(This is my collaboration feature with Cherimini, a brand that consists of 100% silk unisex bandana scarves.)

For this collaboration, I wanted to take photos with a romantic sense/atmosphere. I usually wear street style but I also have a feminine girly side to me as well. I also elaborated on the concept of the versatility use of the scarf.

So usually on this love holiday, I always received double the gifts  since on the same week, it’s also my birthday 2 days after. It feels like Christmas all over again. However, I can survive without Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a cute holiday ,but nothing to be extravagant about. Many people think that it’s not important to acknowledge or celebrate with your significant other for one day, and that it should be every day. I think that’s true as well. Plus, today I’m not even celebrating Valentine’s Day with my favorite. Instead, I’m going to shows during NYFW since I miss all the fun while I was in Vegas.

My boyfriend Ulysses is very important to me. He is someone who’s very dedicated to professing his love to me and his school work. I thank him for putting up with every day. LOL! He worries at times that we will end up breaking up or I’m thinking negative. I just think he over thinks and I always reassure him that nothing like that happen. I can’t for tell the future, but I believe he’s a keeper. We are in a long distance relationship and I think that helps us a lot because we are both focusing on our careers.

Don’t get me wrong, it’d be nice to drive to him in 5 mins. However, I’m not in a rush right now for being together 24/7. I feel that as a team, we have each other for support and distance makes us stronger. We definitely appreciate our time together more and the memories that we make.






  1. Kiara A Catanzaro Kiara A Catanzaro

    I’ve been loving bandana scarves, and I’ve been seeing there everywhere whether they’re tied to a hat, bag, or in your hair. Such a great piece.

    • swaagcaat swaagcaat

      Thanks Kiara!

  2. ulysses ulysses

    You think I’m a keeper? 🙂

  3. Sheila Jo Sheila Jo

    I would most likely wear the bandana in my hair, but your other ideas are cute, too!

    • swaagcaat swaagcaat

      Thanks for checking out my post Sheila!

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