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Once a year I always plan to go visit LA. — It’s been a very special city to me ever since I was 20. It reminds me of the first time I got on a plane and flew by myself to Cali to see a boy. My dad was furious but hey, if you want something to happen you just gotta do it. But of course I told my parents and they weren’t happy about it, but then my dad slips me a hundred dollar bill telling me to be safe at the airport 🙈  Thanks dad!

I think the most memorable trips Ulysses and I have are when we are both not in either of our states. Ulysses lives in North Carolina while I live in New Jersey.

So, sometimes we both get to experience and explore places together for the first time and one of them was visiting the Getty. I enjoy visiting museums because it’s just a way to relax and get inspired all at the same time.

Visiting the Getty was free, but you had to pay for parking. The architecture alone of the buildings was grand to see. I’m a sucker for buildings, lines, and design.

Many of the exhibitions were down due to new installations but still we enjoyed the warm weather and the high view of the city.

What I like most about this trip was the people that I met. Also, the idea of having 14 different tasks to do and achieving it. I mapped out our day the night before and Ulysses didn’t believe that we would accomplished it all. But I proved him wrong! You have to be determined and everything will work out!



  1. ulysses ulysses

    I think its really great too when we both get to get away especially if its places we both really haven’t had the chance to see. Exploring new places together. And yeah, yeah. You were right about us seeing all the things on your list. It was a very doable list, because we were close to a sense. Never doubting you on stuff like that again.

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