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‘taking’ rather than ‘giving’. One way to make a real impression on another person is to be generous with them. Help them achieve their goals – highlight their best work – encourage them – go out of your way to work on their terms. While you do need to have good boundaries (otherwise people will abuse your generosity) I think a spirit of generosity is the right attitude to go into networking with.


It’s January 11,  2:33 AM — I’m working on this blog, reading articles, I have Ulysses on face time sleeping, and I’m listening to his voice from a video he left me earlier. I’m someone who works better at night and when I take naps, I do feel better.

I woke up to a phone call from him. I didn’t expect him to create a video for me explaining his feelings for me, from staying up til I work and vent about my thoughts and problems. I really can’t thank him enough. I’m someone with one of the worst memories and one of my biggest fears is forgetting our memories like the Allie in the movie “The Notebook”. I document and record every thing because I’m afraid of not remembering those memories anymore. I don’t what wrong with my brain or why I can’t retain much, or maybe I have selective thinking, but that’s how I function for now.




February 16, 11:09 AM — I turned 25 today. I just finished picking up Ulysses from the airport. I woke up actually at 8:59 AM and he arrived at 9:05 AM. FAIL.
This whole weekend is going to be eventful. I promised myself that I’m going to continue on working and improving myself and my craft. I’ve been telling myself that now is the time to let go and follow my dreams fully. If you’ve been following me on my journey of being a fashion photographer, I really want to do it full time.

I thank my friends and family for supporting me, for being my back bone to whenever I felt like giving up.
I don’t want to give up too much information. I just know that I am determined more than ever to make this happen.





    • swaagcaat swaagcaat

      Thank you Erica!

  1. ulysses ulysses

    I had a real wonderful time with you, thank you for letting me spend this time with you. My photos could have been better. They will get better. And remember, you’ll always have a support system, not just within me.

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