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Taking one day at a time.

Studying marketing, working as a content creator. I think it’s pretty crazy to think about how much effort are put towards social media posts. The fact that people like to showcase the beautiful things and cover up the things that we are insecure about and are afraid to speak about.

This blog  is designated to uncover things I’ve told my closest friends and to anyone who knows me. If you’ve just recently are following, or reading my posts, then it might seem like new info to you. Honestly, if you approach me, I have nothing to hide. I’m honest and my face give it all away if I am lying.

A month ago, I decided to delete my photography Instagram. I had around 6k+ followers. It was like a Pokemon game, collecting all my favorite people’s accounts, making sure they followed back and all that nonsense. I was addicted and I enjoyed this fun app. I end up trying to want to trick the system, by getting fake followers and fake likes, because I didn’t understand how someone with a lame and ugly photo post would get more praise than mine. I thought about maybe more people will like my stuff more if it seemed I was being liked more.

But honestly, I started realizing the industry I work in. How probably I’m not the only one doing this. I didn’t enjoy dedicating most of time to make fake impressions. I started to want something real. I admired people on Instagram who had 500 followers but a lot of interactions and comments. I wanted to just talk to people and not bots. Even though I sacrifice deleting and losing some good industry followers.  I told myself I had to put myself first.

What’s the point of having an instagram that’s just based on fake people, fake everything. Probably, that’s why I got hacked twice.

My point here is I’m not ashamed of telling my story. I’m just being real that sometimes you can’t help but want to be known. You want all the accreditation that you can get, but I did it the wrong way. What’s the point of someone following me but they were going to just end up unfollowing me, so it’s not awkward when we first meet.

I tell people now, I’ll share you my instagram, but it’s cool if you don’t follow me if that’s what you’re going to do eventually. I follow back people I support, and support me.

I don’t need to be wasting my time on people who are shady, who don’t commit to talking to me.

How much of the following was real? I honestly don’t know. But not real enough for me to keep it.

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