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This photo shoot was definitely out of my norm. Why? I usually don’t shoot a model with denim jackets and showing more skin. If you know me, I’m the type of person who actually prefers a model to not go shirtless, while others will take advantage of the opportunity. I don’t know why, but I remember on my first photo shoot with a male model, and him asking me if he should take his shirt off. I end up putting a blazer over his shoulders because I felt uncomfortable. I had to continue with the shoot but I had to compromise what worked for me.

Elizabeth, or for short Liz, was one of my classmates in School of Visual Arts. We weren’t close but I always admire her photography work. She was conceptual and had all these out of the box ideas. She was different but a good different. Years passed and now she decided to pursue modeling and she hits me up to photograph her. During that photo shoot, I was able to meet Stephanie, a make up artist who I end up loving as well. We worked on a few shoots outside of working with Liz.


Now that Liz’s hair was pink, for one I told myself I had to photograph her. I’m a sucker for colored hair, and she must need updated photos of her new look. It’s a great feeling to work with people who you vibe with and also root for. You can tell by following her instagram that she works her ass off to be where she is.

On this photo shoot, I was able to meet Camilla and she called me before the photo shoot because she had concerns regarding the photo shoot. I’m not closed minded to ideas and people’s needs. I always try to hear you out and I’ll be honest if it will work, or if we can negotiate for a compromise or straight up that’s not a great idea.

On set, we all literally end up really getting along. The location had no AC, we were there from 6 pm – 12:30 am. I had a flight at 6 am. This didn’t bother me because this is what makes me happy, to be photographing with people who wanted to just work as hard as me. A girl team & Joseph on set. I don’t do hair, but I was tryig

Also, thank you to my best friend Joseph, for always having my back.

Appreciate your team. Appreciate good opportunities.

Here’s a few photos from the photo shoot:

One of my favorite teams that I’ve worked with and always a pleasure to be with Liz & Steph. I’m very happy that we got to collaborate before Steph’s move away from the city. This is our collaboration with @indigoriotllc that’s now on @asos
Model: @iamlizharlan
MUA: @thepaintedpistol
Photographer: @joanmichel
Denim jacket: @indigoriotllc


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