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My family and I, plus my best friend Joseph & my sister’s best friend Kassandra flew to Barcelona, Spain a week ago. We planned a 10-day trip, to go to Barcelona, Spain and Paris, France. I’ve been to Europe before, such as visiting London and Iceland. The first reason for why we went was because my mom has never traveled anywhere else besides the Philippines, Florida and now Las Vegas last month. After my father passed away, I made it my goal to bring her on my travels to explore places she’s never been before. One thing she’s always dreamed of was to go to Europe, and once she watched, “Barcelona, A Love Story,” Filipino movie, she said she wanted to go there.

I told my sister Merlee, that we should pay for a family trip for all of us to go there. It was our Christmas and birthday gift to her. I also made this trip a gift to my best friend Joseph as well.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect on this trip. I only did my research by watching YouTube videos, and with friends’ recommendations! We booked Airbnbs that we thought looked really cool and was reasonably priced. I also made it my goal to schedule my first photo shoots in Europe on this trip.

When we left New Jersey, the weather was roughly in the 40’s while going to Barcelona, we were going to be experiencing weather in the 60’s-70’s.

Our first Airbnb was right next to the beach, and we were fortunate that they offered a driver to pick us up. The driver didn’t really speak much English so it was a big deal to have Google Translate app in hand.  Right after, we got settled, I had my meeting with View Management (modeling agency) and they interviewed me on my experience and what I look forward to when working with models.

Then we wandered around and headed to the number one touristy place in Barcelona, Sagrada Familia, a church. The following day we explored Parc Guell, which is a public park system composed of gardens and architectonic elements. Then headed to the Gothic Quarter and visited the Barcelona Cathedral.


    • swaagcaat swaagcaat

      Thanks Jennifer! You probably went at a better time than me!

    • swaagcaat swaagcaat

      Yes Mariah! Go go go!

  1. Another place for my bucket list. The food looks amazing!

    • swaagcaat swaagcaat

      Ahh thanks Asha!

  2. This looks wonderful! What a fabulous gift to your mother – I’m sure you’ll all remember it always!

    • swaagcaat swaagcaat

      Yes! A trip to remember it was!

  3. That green dress looks BOMB on you! Barcelona looks so mesmerizing! I know y’all had a great time!

    • swaagcaat swaagcaat

      Thanks! That dress was so beautiful I just had to get it.

  4. Beautiful photos! And you look great in that green.

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