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May has been a busy month of traveling for me. Many friends have been wondering what I’ve been up to and what the purpose was for. Well, I flew to New Orleans, Louisiana for one of my closest friend’s wedding a few weeks ago. It’s a coincidence that the last time I was in Louisiana was for a wedding as well which was 4 years ago. It must be just a great destination for weddings, very low key, intimate and something rustic about it.

I think what’s pretty cool about my friends and their weddings for me are usually the wedding preparations. Somehow, I’m always involved with the behind the scenes, whether it’s photographing their Save the Date, proposal or their engagement photos.

Donia is a great friend of mine, in a sense like an older sister to me as well. Since day one, and until now I tell every one I come across that she is one of the reasons for my photography career. I was a lost soul in the beginning, and when I got shut down with the first modeling agency I worked with. An old friend referred me to Donia, when she was still working at a modeling agency, I wrote an email to her explaining who I was and that I was determined to work hard and progress as a fashion photographer. She gave me the opportunity to work with the models she worked with and trusted me that I would do a good job. From then on, I was testing with models constantly and my portfolio grew immensely.  I thank her for believing in me and I appreciated that the most with her. She taught me to create good relationships with model bookers and gave me an understanding of what they had to go through. However, besides our work relationship, our own friendship blossomed as well. Donia may over think a lot just as I do on things, but that’s because we care a lot for the people we love and in what we do. She’s always gave me hope in what I do and gave me support when I needed it. Instead of just talking about models, we would talk about astrology and that gave me more insight than what you would read in the newspaper. I never expected us to be close, but I’m grateful for our friendship. On my birthday, I went to her job just to see her because she’s an important person to me. Just as her birthday is important to me, I always get her something she mentions that she likes, and secretly I’m creating mental notes. Haha! We always catch up usually having dinner or getting manicures. One day I hope we can travel together to Hawaii, that’s my one dream with her.

I’m happy that I was able to photograph her as well, and even got to know Noah. I don’t usually meet my friend’s significant others, for some reason New Yorkers don’t like to be open unless you ask. However, with Noah, from the start, I saw how caring he was towards her, and I always thought it was cute. I approved instantly!

I started working with her in 2013, and it’s crazy how time flies.

I cried man at her wedding because I was really happy for her. All the stress, all the planning, everything she was worried about has now came down to this very day, her wedding was finally happening. I just wanted her to enjoy herself and be stress-free. She deserves to be happy and I always tell her to always remember that.

The wedding was beautiful and I just teared up with their written vows. I’m a sucker for couples who write their own personal vows to each other. Her and Noah’s family were awesome, I was able to meet all these friends and family from all over. Wandering the streets of Algiers Point, and just having casual talks at the bars and taking the ferry. I felt like a local at some point. I got to enjoy so much food and my favorite beignets during this trip. I’m very thankful to be invited and be a part of such a wonderful occasion.



  1. Looks like a beautiful wedding! Such a treasured time!

  2. ulysses ulysses

    I think Donia is a very wonderful woman and I’m glad you’ve given me the opportunity to meet her. From the stories and the way you speak of her, and what you’ve told me otherwise, she is still someone that I am very grateful for in your life. Her wedding was beautiful, thank you for letting me tag along.

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