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ENDING A CHAPTER —  Last year, after my break up, I felt lost and didn’t have any direction for awhile. I’m someone who’s usually motivated and self driven but at that point I felt really empty. My best friend, Joseph suggested for me to apply to this job and luckily I got it. I thank him for encouraging and pushing me to do things that are uncomfortable and to just go out there. I wanted a reason to go to the city, and to earn some income. I needed a job that would just help me get my work ethic back in place and a reason to stop sulking. I just needed a distraction to be busy and to be productive.

Never did I thought that this retail job would become a new home for me. It would be where I’d meet some of my new closest friends, to running into models I’ve worked with in the past, to being able to photograph one of their grand openings of their new location.

I learned so much about their products and how to be better at customer service. I really appreciate all the memories that I made with my co-workers and how they slowly adapted to my persona. They were all very to themselves at first, but once they trusted and understood how a friendly person I could be, they gave in to trying to be my friend.

I know some people hate working in retail, and I totally understand why. The situations that I’ve experienced with customers and co-workers and all the unnecessary drama, I get it. If it wasn’t for some of my co-workers I’d probably wouldn’t have enjoyed this job as much, so thank you for keeping me sane. Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to dealing with customers and staff.

My fondest memories are all the laughs that I’ve had and shared with them, from using code words for big named model/celebrities coming in the store, to not recognizing these people, to jamming to k-pop early in the morning while cleaning, to receiving tea from a guy who wanted me to go on a date with him and every one making fun of the whole situation. I feel that I always felt happy when I knew I was able to finish a task and satisfy what the customer was looking for. I didn’t want to be personal with them at first but there a few of them that I feel know me enough to understand my thoughts, dreams, and aspirations.

I’ve created a new family and I’m thankful to have met each and every one of them. Yeah, I probably won’t miss folding clothes, but I know I will miss all the conversations and ventilation that I had with each and every one of them. Plus, all the food adventures we’ve experienced and shared. They are all unique in their own ways, and I’ve grown to learn more about the world through them.




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      Thanks Patricia!

  1. I enjoyed to read your honest story! I’m really glad you are better now and you gained great experiences and made new connections! Nothing is better than that after a painful break up.

    Wish you the best,


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      Thanks Daniela!

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